FFX Runner

Extreme Speed is the rule of this day; Drive as fast as you can from people who are trying to kill you. You need to be on your toes because your enemies in FFX Runner will stop at nothing until they drive you off the road.  This is the time to put your driving skills to the test.  Use your skills and evade your pursuers.

ffx runner

We can`t say it will be an open casket, but survival is the key here. Find the escape path while keeping an eye on your car’s condition. Developed by Officine Pixel, this game will put your driving skills to test.

About the Game

FFX Runner is 3D Race Game, which features personal Demolition Derby. Players are driving a Yellow compact hatchback, and their goal is to survive every level. The enemies are driving Black Vans and White SUVs. They will try their best to drive you off the track. Your challenge is to survive these attacks and drive to safety. This won`t be easy, but it will be thrilling for sure. If you ever get bored from FFX Runner you can play Parking Mania anytime you want, its really cool game.

Your enemies are determined to kill you. Run away from them and stay safe from their attacks. To keep yourself moving, watch out the damage and fuel indicator. Collect fuel and wrench throughout the game because they mean your survival.


Mafia is right behind you, and they are pursuing your car. As this Game is opened, you can enter the game simply by pressing the “Play Button”. When the Traffic light turns green, the game will start, and you will need to be on your guard. All you need to do in FFX Runner is keep your car safe from the mafia. As you will progress in the game, the enemies will improve their tactics to stop you. If you are looking for some other sport games Axis Football is by many considered as one of the best american football games!

This will put more cars on you, and these cars will improve from time to time.  Just move your cars and see if you can grab the extras on the road. Watch out for your car’s damage and fuel. Refuel and repair your car to make sure you stay in this game.

The best way to survive in this game is making sure your indicators stay right on top. Never pinch your car among other cars or you will lose. FFX Runner is a great game to prove your driving capabilities.

Instructions to Play

Keep moving forward to save yourself and complete your objectives. Pick-up the FFX Symbols along your way. The only way to beat the level is to collect the given number of FFX symbol before time runs out. Just avoid getting slammed by enemy cars and watch the damage.

If your repair level has reached zero and you crash, pick up the wrenches and repair your car.  To survive this game, never stand still. To keep enemy vehicles of your FFX, you need to swerve the enemy vehicles.

Tips to Play

All you need to do is keep running, never get into a head to head battle with your enemies. Remember, you are driving a small yellow hatchback, and they are driving big black vans. So they will crush you. Just avoid their attacks and focus on getting to your destination. You can also play the Cat version of Mario which is available at The Cat Mario website

To keep yourself in shape, make sure you pick up the bonuses scattered all over the road. You don`t have any weapons, and your fuel reserve is limited. So be smart and try to move as fast as you can, don`t waste your time fighting off your enemies.

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